Stop Motion Animation Ad for Amazon Seller App [Release]

Hello world, last month we finished creating a stop motion animation video for Amazon for promotion of their seller app on the app store.

We had come up with a concept (out of three), to be realised in stop-motion animation using real objects and possibly added illustration or VFX. The strategy was to tell the audience that the seller app was the new and better way to conduct their business on Amazon. The team at Amazon seemed quite receptive to this concept so we planned a comical noir, going through the features of the mobile app, imagining the fate of the traditional office utility items passing on to obsolescence.

The single scene video is envisioned based on the famous interrogation scene of Sholay, with art direction & lighting on the lines of Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums.

You can see a glimpse of the execution process through the screenshots below from different stages of production including creating a 3D storyboard,

test shoots to block the scenes and break the action down to frames,

a 36 hour marathon shoot with the final set & lighting,

and graphics work & VFX for every unique frame in post-production.

It was an extremely taxing and simultaneously invigorating adventure taking a little over three months including many test runs and learning on the fly! Kudos to Amazon for being open to try a new format.

Client: Amazon Seller Services

Creative Agency/Production House: Old Studio

Screenplay & Direction: Vibhav Nigam

Cinematography: Saurabh Suman

Assistant Direction: Anshul Kapoor, Abhay Sharda, Viraj Selot

Editing & VFX: Vibhav Nigam

Sound Design: Anshul Kapoor

Voice Over: Siraj Khan


New Delhi